Worship and Faith Formation

What to Expect

What are your worship services like?

Our worship services relaxed services in a homey environment; they are safe spaces for discussing God, faith and life.  Check out previous bulletins here. 


What will happen when I visit for the first time?

It is our hope that you might find the Wesley to be a welcoming community, and that our hospitality together would reflect the welcome of God extended to each of us.  


How are visitors welcomed in your congregation?

You will be greeted by our pastor, Rev. Brett Pinder, our musician Doug Welcome and the congregation as you enter the sanctuary of Memorial Chapel. 


How do I find the sanctuary?

There are three entrances to the Memorial Chapel building.  One is in the front of the building and leads directly into the Memorial Chapel sanctuary.  Another is on the side of the building and leads to the lobby.  Once inside walk straight to the doorway across from the entrance and turn left into the Memorial Chapel.  Lastly one is enters into the Garden Chapel (formerly the West Chapel).  Once inside the Garden Chapel, walk to the front of the chapel and to the left.  You will come to a hallway.  Turn left and follow the hallway to the end where you will find a door to Memorial Chapel in front of you. 


When and how do you serve communion?

We serve communion at each Wednesday Night service. The communion table is an open table.  All are welcome to receive Holy Communion.  As communion is served, you are invited to gather around the table to receive the elements of the bread and the cup.  The communion bread is always gluten free.  


Have other questions?  Email Rev. Brett at BPinder2@UMD.Edu