A place to be valued, value God's gifts, and value God. 

Breaking Bread Thursdays

There is always room at our table; join us every Thursday from 6pm during the semester for a meal and relaxed discussions. These discussions are safe spaces for discussing God,
faith, life, and the ways in which they interact. We normally use a faith-based book or bible study curriculum as a launching point for conversation, allowing us to more deeply engage scripture and spirituality. It is our hope that you will find the Wesley to be a welcoming community and that the hospitality we show others reflects the welcome God gives each of us. Discussion usually winds down around 8pm with a sharing of joys and concerns.

Brave the Stage

If you’ve ever heard of The Moth Radio Hour, this is its spiritual-meets-secular younger cousin. Brave the Stage is a bimonthly Wednesday night event where student speakers and outside influencers come together to share short stories organized around a theme. Themes are announced and submissions are taken beforehand, so please use the “Contact Us” page if you are interested in speaking or requesting a guest. Please find the exact Wednesdays we will gather on the calendar below. As with our Thursday night events, we come together at 6pm, share a meal, and typically finish by 8pm.

Calendar of Events

While Breaking Bread Thursday and Brave the Stage are the Wesley’s two regular events, we always have more going on! Below is a full calendar of events. It is subject to change.