A Place to...

...Be Valued

...Value God's Gifts

...Value God




Wednesday Night Worship

Our worship services relaxed services in a homey environment; they are safe spaces for discussing God, faith and life.  Check out previous bulletins here.  It is our hope that you might find the Wesley to be a welcoming community, and that our hospitality together would reflect the welcome of God extended to each of us.

7:00pm on Wednesdays in the Memorial Chapel.  


Meal and Game Night Thursdays

Each Thursday evening we gather to get to know one another, enjoy great food and enjoy great fun in the midst of the semester's hardships. 

Come enjoy wonderful company over with a great meal and fun games.

6:30pm on Thursdays in the Memorial Chapel Lounge.


 This Semester's Events Calendar

Check back for the full Fall 2017 calendar coming soon...