About the Wesley

Why we are.

The Wesley is a United Methodist community of UMD students, who gather as a community in belief that God’s Spirit is at work inspiring, renewing and uniting lives to heal the world; we believe that any person can encounter the welcome that God extends to all persons.

What we do.

This community is committed to welcoming one another with acceptance, working to serve those around us and gathering together in worship with wonder and joy as well as with questions and doubts.  The Wesley stands in a long line of Methodists who have committed to radically welcoming others, to showing concern for the needs of others and to adopting spiritual practices.  In turn, we have discovered ourselves opened to encounter God in our midst—in our lives and in the world.  As a community, God empowers us to embody the healing and reconciliation God seeks for the world and that is disclosed in the life, death and resurrection of Christ.

How we do it.

This community, through the Wesley, builds relationships at community meals and on adventures like our Great Falls hike, hay ride and bonfire; serves the world by feeding our neighbors with a local church; and worships on Wednesday nights with music, prayer, scripture reading and discussion about life, scripture and God.


Connect with us.

Connect with this community at Wednesday Night Worship at 7:00pm in Memorial Chapel.  Come share a meal on Thursdays at 6:30pm in the Memorial Chapel Lounge.  Dinner is provided and you are invited to stick around for games as your schedule allows.  

Connect with the Wesley at these or any of our fun and fellowship events, or connect with us as we connect to our neighbors at our service and mission events.  All are always welcome.