Welcome to the Wesley

The Wesley is a faith community where people value one another. We find it more valuable to ask good questions about life and faith than to claim to have the right answers. We find ourselves and our world bettered when we care for the earth and humanity. The Wesley is a place to be valued and to value our world, because we value God. Everyone is welcome no matter their individual identity.


We typically gather in the Memorial Chapel building.  Every Thursday at 6pm we come together for a meal and join to rest from the demands of college life. After feeding our bodies with delicious food from local restaurants, we then seek to nourish our souls, going deep with discussions on life, our world, faith, and the many places they intersect. In these Thursday gatherings, the Wesley emphasizes combining multiple perspectives in an effort to push beyond the boundaries sermons can sometimes create, allowing individuals to truly focus on valuing each other and God, the ultimate unifying force. Bimonthly, the Wesley gathers again on Wednesday nights at 6pm for a unique leveling of the playing field in which students and community leaders from far and wide share stories on certain topics that bridge the gap between life and faith. Founders of nonprofits, student poets, and everyone in between is welcomed to contribute to the conversation. The diversity of voices present here sheds new light on even the oldest of topics and proves itself an enriching opportunity for all time and time again.

The United Methodist Campus Ministry strives to be a safe space for discussion and growth of all students, regardless of theological identity, race, nationality, sexual orientation, or gender identity. Explore our website and our social media to find out how you would like to get involved.